Processing FAQ

Do I receive my own meat back?

Yes. We understand that it is important to most hunters that they receive their own meat in their finished products. We take great care to tag your meat in every aspect of the production process and guarantee that your product was made from the meat you brought in.

Do you field dress animals?

No. All meat brought to Junior’s must be skinned and field dressed. Most hunters will field dress and quarter the animal and bring in the meat iced down in coolers. We can accept a whole animal that has been skinned and field dressed.

What is your charge for deboning?

We charge $50 for a whole hog or whitetail deer (deboning mule deer, large hogs & exotics $70 & up). This includes four quarters, backstrap and any rib or neck meat. If you do not bring rib or neck meat, you will be charged $10 per quarter.

What are your minimum requirements for products?

Because we use your own meat and are making small batches in big grinders and want to make sure your product is seasoned properly, we must have minimum order amounts for all products.

Jerky – 5 lbs

Hamburger – 15 lbs

Chili – 15 lbs

Stew Meat – 5 lbs

Summer Sausage – 30 lbs per seasoning

Other seasoned Ground product 30 lb batch minimum (venison and pork) per seasoning. We can stuff a ground batch of meat into smaller product batches (min 10 lbs) as long as it is the same seasoning. For example, if you get a 30 lb batch of Regular seasoning, you could split this into 10 lb link sausage, 10 lb pan sausage and 10 lb survival sticks.)

Additional Information

View our order form and price list for additional info.